101 in 1001

Like countless other blogs, I have found inspiration from Design Darling with her 101 in 1001 list. This is a list that consists of 101 goals and accomplisments to complete in 1001 days (about 2.75 years). This list provides not only a way to set goals for myself but also a great way to kick off my blog! I have been waiting for the inspiration needed to start and this was the perfect opportunity.

I have made an effort to ensure all the items on my list are attainable in the timeline and things I can control. I am so excited to begin this journey and start crossing things off my list! While completing the items, I will write a blog post about each task completed to keep track on my progress.

Start: May 24, 2015

End: February 17, 2018
(my 26th birthday)

1. Go to a dry bar
2. Perfect my calligraphy
3. Take my parents out to a nice dinner
4. Simplify and upgrade my wardrobe
5. Simplify, purge and organize my things twice a year (2015 I, 2015 II, )
6. Learn how to dig a post hole and build/fix a fence
7. Grow herbs and keep them alive for more than a month (March 2016)
8. Get a car wash every month for a year
9. Keep fresh flowers in my room/home/apartment for a month straight
10. Get a puppy
11. Ride a horse
12. Go a week without complaining
13. Take a “painting with a twist” class (July 2015)
14. Go one week without TV (vacations not included)
15. Do something BIG for my 25th birthday
16. Change my hair (April 2016)
17. Get my CHL
18. Move to a different city
19. Start a blog (November 2015)
20. Write 200 blog posts
22. Unplug for 24 hours once a month for a year
23. Pay it forward at a restaurant and buy someone’s lunch (July 2015)
24. Get rid of cable (July 2015)
25. Make my bed every day for a month
26. Get a massage (September 2016)
27. Donate toys to the local RMHC during Christmas time
28. Give clothes/items to goodwill 8 times (July 2015, September 2015, October 2015, November 2015, June 2016, October 2016)
29. Go a week without wearing the same hairstyle twice (July 2015)
30. Wear a bikini at the beach
31. Work on a presidential campaign (I don’t need to go into why this one did NOT get accomplished…)
32. Volunteer with the SA Rodeo or Fiesta
33. Get a promotion (July 2015)
34. Join a professional society
35. Apply for at least 1 “dream” job every year (2015, 2016, 2017)
36. Double my 401k contribution, twice (October 2015)
37. Put $10 in savings for every completed task
38. Save over $10,000 (at least $313 a month)
39. Build my emergency fund back up to 3 months living expenses
40. Do 4 days of 2-a-day workouts in a week
41. Go paddle boarding (Labor Day 2015)
42. Learn how to do a headstand
43. Complete a mud run, obstacle race, or fitness competition
44. Take a Barre class
45. Workout 4x’s a week for 3 months in a row
46. Workout 6x’s a week for 1 month
47. Complete 4 Whole 30’s (June 2015, October 2015, March 2016)
48. Complete 1 Whole 60 (June/July 2016)
49. Run a 5k
50. Run a 10k
51. Attend spin class every Saturday for 1 month
52. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge
53. Quit biting my nails (ongoing)
54. Lose Weight
55. Work my way up to a non-modified push up
56. Take a hot yoga class
57. Play in a sports league (June 2015)
58. Go tubing on the river
59. Use Airbnb for a trip
60. Build a bonfire on the beach with friends
61. Go to the SA cocktail conference
62. Go to Culinaria or other local food event (Paella Challenge)
63. Go to a Spurs game (January 2016)
64. Go to a baseball game (March 2016)
65. Go to Thailand (I DID make it to SE Asia…so i am counting that as a win)
66. Go to New Orleans with my family (November 2015)
67. Go camping
68. Take a trip with my work friends
69. Take a solo trip
70. See 3 concerts (Shania Twain- August 2015, Robert Earl Keen- November 2015, Trombone Shorty- December 2015)
71. Try 10 new restaurants in SA (Grayze- February 2016, Shuck Shack- February 2016)
72. Visit 3 museums (MOMA- May 2015, McNay- June 2015, Witte- May 2015)
73. Go on a cruise
74. Spend a weekend at the ranch with my phone off
75. Go kayaking
76. Go fishing in the ocean
77. Go on picnic
78. Try 10 new foods (Seaweed Crisps, Jicama Taco Shells)
79. Make sushi
80. Create a unique recipe with only items found at the farmers market
81. Cook lobster
82. Learn how to make pasta from scratch
83. Learn to make jam
84. Learn how to roast a chicken without a recipe (August 2015)
85. Take a wine pairing class
86. Take a knife skills class (April 2016)
87. Go to a local brewery (Real Ale Brewery, Blanco- July 2015)
88. Make homemade nut butter
89. Make homemade nut milk
90. Go a month without buying any shoes, clothes, accessories, etc (July 2015)
91. Buy a bicycle
92. Buy 5 gifts for friends/family when it is not a holiday or birthday
93. Buy a set of “grown up” luggage (large suitcase and carry on)
94. Buy a new (to me) car (November 2016)
95. Buy a lottery ticket when there is a HUGE jackpot (January 2016)
96. Buy a “real” coffee table
97. Buy 2 pairs of great fitting jeans no matter the price
98. Complete the “Romans Challenge”
99. Complete 4 devotional books (October 2015- Wholeheartedly,
100. Go to church at least 1 Sunday a month for a year
101. Read the entire bible

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